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2023 Agenda: Nigeria Is Not Being Governed, Says Prof Utomi

Professor Pat Utomi (Filoe Photo).


A professor of political financial system and administration professional, Pat Utomi, says Nigeria in the intervening time isn’t being ruled.

Utomi who was a visitor on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics stated the Nigerian persons are hardly within the conversations round how they need to be ruled.

“Political parties do not have programs, do not have a direction to make any difference in people’s lives.

“The truth of the matter is that this is the most miserable place to live on earth today, all the statistics say so,” Professor Utomi declared.

He added that “today we have overtaken India in terms of the total number of the poorest people on the planet.”

According to Utomi who’s a founding member of the National Consultative Front (NCF), it’s like Nigeria is in a number of civil wars.

“They are dying from insecurity with all the killings every day, more people are killed in Nigeria every day in most of the major civil wars of the world.

“Today we are dying more from Malaria than any other people in the world,” he reeled out.

In his viewpoint, the explanation for this misnomer stems from the truth that there isn’t any formidable opposition in Nigeria that may converse options and take care of the large and main points.

While arguing that the nation has grow to be extra corrupt than it was previous to the emergence of this authorities, stated conversations round huge points should start to fill the socio-political areas.

He asserted that many well-meaning Nigerians gave their all for the current authorities to return into energy due to the anti-corruption mantra, nonetheless, these Nigerians Utomi says have been upset as a result of the administration has confirmed much more corrupt than what existed.

The political economist was of the opinion that the nation should have a dialog with itself as regards how the nation will be saved.

“We have not been able to reform the political process to get money out of politics, to get people who should not be in politics out,” he harassed, including, “Politics has been reduced to how do you capture a state and use it for your own aggrandizement. If politics were not about state capture, you will see people who come out to give sacrifices of themselves to achieve immortality of making a difference in the lives of others, but that is not the case as we have seen in our country, sadly.”

In proffering an answer for the way in which ahead, Professor Utomi stated Nigeria should emulate South Korea and do away with cash politics. He stated it’s a disgrace that Nigerian politicians haven’t any empathy for the plenty.

“Nigerian politicians do not have empathy for the people… There is a complete disconnect between the political class and the people,” Prof Utomi famous.

“Poverty rules the land but do you see it reflected in the lives of the political class? No, you don’t,” he retorted.

He urged Nigerians to take again their nation, stressing that civil society should be extra energetic.

Speaking to the “complicit middle” class who he says are a serious a part of the issue of the nation, Prof Utomi requested the center to cease folding their arms and stand as much as the political class who’re solely within the polity for his or her pockets.

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