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“Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanizing cost die” – OAP, Osi Suave tells men as he breaks down the cost of sleeping with different women

Popular media persona, Osi Suave has dished out an recommendation to Nigerian men, particularly these residing in Lagos, about relationship a number of women.

In a sequence of tweets shared on his Twitter web page, Osi suggested men to be faithful to one woman as a result of womanizing is kind of costly.

The on-air persona proceeded to listing and analyze the cost implications of relationship women in different sphere of life.

Read his tweets under,

“See my lagos brothers Just stay faithful to one woman cos womanising cost die.

Uni babes naim even cost cross
Cab to and fro from Babcock for weekend= 30k
Night out at Sip= 200k
Lunch at Cactus= 80k
Thanks for coming this wekend= 30k
340 Nigerian Naira to fok
How a lot particular person dey make
Thank God say soapy no dey kill particular person

Then these IJGB babes are the worst
Prado and Mopol to choose her from Airport 100k
3 nights at 4 factors = 210k
Night out at Sip = 300k cos she go deliver her innit mates
No thanks for coming right here 510k simply to fuck

Then working class BABES THESE ONES no dey invoice you however 5 months after una dey nack
Seun I’m going to London and zenith has lowered my month-to-month restrict I’m simply pissed off I’m simply pissed off = higher give me cash Shopping cash in London 1000pounds
670k Just to fok

Then upcoming influencer for IG
You go pay for uber and ring mild = 80k
They dey at all times get one shoot when simply come up and them gats pay for make up and stylist = 50k
Their charger dey at all times spoil = 20k
150k simply to fok

Then for those who transfer to babe when get 10k followers on twitter 50k on IG Has weave biz on the facet and drives 2005 corolla You are completed
Illashe for the weekend = 200k
Dinner at delis = 40k
These ones dey at all times dey latex illiberal Non latex condom 8k
248k simply to fok

Planning to transfer to Canada babe
IELTS = 80k
Ielts coaching cos she get H issue = 50k
Visa Assistance and documentation =100k
Flight ticket to canada she is going to at all times promise to pay again You search for the most cost-effective obtainable cos her papa 300k with 3 stops

I reside in Abuja babes
Flights to and fro gats be enterprise class so the toto go dey marinate dey come 100k
Prado choose up with out Mopol 50k
Dinner = 20k
cos na kunu den dey drink for fct Night out = 30k
cos Abuja babes no sabi chop life Thanks for coming 100k

Then there may be single mummy
Lesson Teacher for Jnr = 100k
School bus for Jnr = 80k
Lawyer for court docket case with her ex husband = 300k
Nepa Units cos Jnr is a bastard and forgets to delay the Ac on a regular basis = 80k

Then uniben babes Very cost efficient
Up bunk Hall 2 = 80k
Sharwarma with 2 sausage and one Bigi = 3k
One camp gasoline and three bowls of soup as thanks for coming 25k

Then babes with low reduce These ones are demons cos they get massive yansh&their vagina works like suction pipe So as soon as u enter there e go arduous u comot Their concept of kinky is altering their hair color
Just put together for pressing 200k, they need to urgently full ticket cash to dubai

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