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“Marrying more than one wife helps save the economy” — Ned Nwoko

Ned Nwoko, billionaire husband of Nollywood actress Regina Daniels, has defined why he has more than one wife and prefers to marry younger ladies.

In an interview with BBC Igbo, the billionaire politician defined the economical motive behind his selection of polygamy.

According to him, the common northerner has at the very least two wives, which he argued helps the society by stopping the ladies from being promiscuous.

According to him: “The common Northerner marrying two, three, 4 ladies, they’re serving to the society as a result of it’s the financial downturn that has affected so many ladies who you see doing prostitution and all that.

“But the fallacy of it all is that Christianity does not allow that in the South and yet, the average Southern man has 10 girlfriends.”

He additionally stated the polygamist nature of northerners has helped to extend their inhabitants and made them the majority.

Nwoko additionally complained about how enlightenment has inspired monogamy despite the fact that it isn’t our tradition.

He stated: “I really like my tradition as I do know it, not as they’re attempting to dilute it. Igbo tradition is fantastic and ought to be promoted the means it has all the time been.

“But even looking at that, look at your population in Nigeria and what I will call economy of marriage, as an Igbo man with one wife, four children, a Northerner has four wives with five children each, in the next 10 years, 20 years, imagine the population of the Northerners.”

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